Keep your pet safe while riding an elevator


We have to take special care of our pets to make sure they are safe while in an elevator.

Keep your pet safe while riding an elevator

Even the best-behaved pet needs, and deserves, our constant attention. It’s no different in an elevator. In fact, since most of us have been taking elevators our entire lives, we have grown up knowing how to ride an elevator safely. Our pets haven’t had the benefit of our parents telling us what to do, that’s now our job.

Keep close

When leaving with your pet, keep them close to your side and keep an eye on their position. Many times, the leash is not picked up by the elevator door sensor and this can lead to danger-ous situations with the door closing between you and your pet.

Pick up after your pet

Always go out with waste bags for your pet. There are some situations we cannot control, even in the most well-behaved pet, that may end up performing some of its needs in the cabin. Ideally you clean the place in such cases and avoid discomfort to other passengers or even a possible failure in some systems that can damaged by liquids.

Getting stuck

If, for any reason, you get stuck in the elevator with your pet, stay calm. The procedure, is the same with or without a pet: press the emergency call button and wait for the arrival of a special-ized technician or the Fire Department, people qualified to perform this rescue efficiently and safety. Never try to leave the elevator by yourself, and especially never try to force the doors. This can lead to very dangerous situations to you and your pet.

Respect the house rules

Each condominium, hotel, or office complex has its own rules and usually has specific rules for pets. Make sure you’re aware of any such rules or guidelines, such as the possible use of a muzzle.

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