Podcast Perspectives in Motion

Perspectives in Motion is an original podcast about the people, the places and the ideas that are shaping our lives in the age of urbanization.

Our spaces undeniably shape us. They inform how we live, move, work and play.

The U.N. estimates that 70% of our global population will live on 2% of the land mass by 2050. In this age of urbanization, the spaces around us pose both a challenge and an opportunity.

To be prepared, we believe we need to understand the spaces of tomorrow by tapping into the creative minds of today - the architects, the developers, the designers, the techies - learning from them, hearing their stories. What keeps them up at night, and gets them out of bed in the morning?

Starting on July 13, 2020, Perspectives in Motion explores the stories of the world’s most prominent voices in urban design and planning. 

Amy Guttman

The Host

Amy Guttman is an internationally acclaimed journalist and the host of Perspectives in Motion. For more than 20 years, Amy has been reporting on the impact of major cultural shifts in society, business, industry and individual lives for international outlets including PBS Newshour, the BBC, Forbes, Monocle and more.

Twitter: @AmyGuttman1

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Perspectives in Motion - Season one

Episode One

We’ll peel back the curtain on the inspirations of great designers.

Rahul Mehrotra: As a Professor of Urban Design and Planning at Harvard Graduate School of Design and Founder of Mumbai and Boston-based firm, RMA Architects, Rahul Mehrotra is an influential educator, architect and urbanist whose projects span interior design and architecture to urban design, conservation and planning.

Episode Two

We'll discuss just how much mobility and design supports sustainability and public health.

Darren Comber: Darren Comber is an international architect and Chief Executive at London architecture firm Scott Brownrigg. In his role, Darren advances the global presence of the practice, advocates for sustainability in the built environment, and has developed a potent voice on the future of the urban environment post-pandemic. 

Episode Three

We’ll learn about vertical neighborhoods and how to build community in dense, siloed cities.

Nathalie De Vries: Co-founder and principal architect at Dutch firm MVRDV, Nathalie De Vries is a leading international architect, educator, and urbanist. Through her work, Nathalie is a fierce advocate of buildings that connect individuals, communities, and environments and champion inclusivity for a limitless future.

Episode Four

We’ll grapple with how the heritage of a place and its people can be retained in the midst of transformation.

Don Taylor: Don Taylor is a visionary of modern community building and place-making. As director of Swire Properties office division, based in Hong Kong, he oversees the development of a diverse office portfolio of tenants, from Gucci to EY.

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