Sustainability and clean mobility at Green Pea in Turin


Schindler CleanMobility promotes wellbeing and hygiene for visitors at Green Pea shopping centre, the first Green Retail Park in the world focusing entirely on sustainability-minded brands that opened in Italy’s Turin last month. 

Last month, Schindler Italy revealed the installation and maintenance of 15 installations – including elevators, escalators, platforms and freight elevators – at the Green Pea complex, which opened in early December in Turin, modelled on the internationally successful global supermarket chain Eataly.

“From duty to beauty” is the claim of Green Pea. With a surface of 15,000m2 on five different floors, the project’s aim is to give a new shape to our notion of energy, movement, home living, clothing and leisure through an unprecedented offer of sustainable, eco- and people-friendly goods and products. 

CleanMobility solutions for a safer ride

In line with this mission, Schindler equipped its escalators and elevators with Schindler CleanMobility, its state-of-the-art technology to provide safer, more efficient and more convenient means to achieve a cleaner and more hygienic user experience for passengers of elevators and escalators. All escalators are equipped with Schindler Ultra UV that sanitizes handrails on the go. And to effectively sanitize the two Green Pea scenic passenger elevators, Schindler has installed UV CleanCar and UV CleanAir.


Schindler Ultra UV is a special device using germicidal UV-C LED lamps installed directly inside the machine itself. UV CleanCar is an effective solution for sanitizing the inside of the elevator, such as the control panel, handrail and walls. UV CleanAir is the air purification system inside the elevator car, positioned on the wall, near the ceiling, sanitizing the air and releasing it back purified into the elevator environment.


With Schindler CleanMobility we can make an important contribution to improving the hygiene in buildings and elevators, by reducing the immediate risk of viral transmission through ensuring a safer and dependable sanitization process.


And in addition to passenger wellbeing, Schindler also commits to environmental sustainability. Schindler systems are virtuous also in terms of energy consumption, thanks to innovative and highly efficient components, which allow energy savings of up to 30% compared to previous generation solutions.

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