Carnival Panorama: a new success story in the name of innovation


Carnival Panorama, the newest ship in the Carnival Cruise Line is the sister ship of Carnival Vista and of Carnival Horizon. We outfitted the Carnival Panorama with 28 elevators, 2 freight elevators and 4 escalators. All installation equipped with the latest technology by Schindler Marine.

Latest technology on board

Carnival Panorama’s passenger elevators are paired with the PORT Technology, our innovative transit management system, that was installed for the first time on Panorama’s sister ship Carnival Horizon.

“At Schindler, we are constantly working to develop solutions that can improve the experience of our customers and users on board” - stated Fabio Lavezzi, Director of the Marine Unit. “The PORT Technology dramatically improves passenger traffic management and can save time by up to 40% during high traffic periods. This means less wait and travel time, less intermediate stops and lower energy consumption” – added Mr. Lavezzi.

Innovation, quality and refined aesthetics

Schindler’s PORT Technology is a highly sophisticated elevator control and security access technology based on Schindler’s innovation: the elevators know where the passengers are going before they enter the car. The passengers select their destination from an elegant touch-panel in the lobby and are then directed to the elevator now programmed to take them to their destination as quickly as possible.

All the people who are going to the same deck will be assigned to the same car, with fewer stops, shorter travel time and less energy consumed by the system. The cars are available again more quickly to serve other passengers, increasing the total number of people transported in the same amount of time.

PORT also allows the crew to activate, e.g. during peak times, special "shuttle" modes for elevators, such as “boarding mode” (embarkment), “gangway mode” (disembarkation) or “express lunch” (lunch or dinner time), etc.

Schindler’s specialized marine unit was founded in Italy in 1995 and is one of the leading providers of elevators and escalators in the cruise industry worldwide, with over 2.500 units installed on cruise ships and mega yachts.

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