University of Applied Sciences Northwestern Switzerland (FHNW)


The elevator shaft as an integral part of the fire protection system.


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The University of Applied Sciences Northwestern Switzerland’s (FHNW) new 300 million franc campus is more than just an architectural jewel. It offers its approximately 5000 students and employees an inspiring environment in which to work and learn.  

Seventeen Schindler elevator systems provide access across the new campus of the FHNW in Muttenz, Switzerland: 12 passenger elevators, which are optimally coordinated via our PORT Transit Management System, 2 freight and fire elevators, 1 catering lift, and 2 hydraulic goods elevators.

Part of the fire protection system

In cooperation with ventilation and fire protection specialists, Schindler has developed a solution that is unique in Switzerland: one passenger elevator per building core (north, south, west, and east) is also used as a ventilation shaft for the smoke pressure system (RDA).

In the event of a fire, doors in the side wall of the cabin would automatically open and air would be blown into the shaft through the open cabin door and upwards to be discharged outside through gratings in the engine room.

This sophisticated system with its complex interfaces, like the interaction between fire alarm and RDA control as well as the fire protection roller doors in front of the shaft doors, not only provides better fire protection in the event of a fire, it ultimately also saves space in the building.