Tencent Seafront Shenzhen


Less than a generation ago it was a rural village. Now, Shenzhen is home to more than 11 million people and its skyline filled with more than 300 skyscrapers. One of them, the Tencent Seafront, is also one of Shenzhen’s most spectacular buildings and Schindler has an important role to play in it.


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China's high-tech campus

He is master of the 77 elevators in the skyscraper – the fastest, most comfortable, and smartest installations of their type. Huang Xiaodong, aged 46, is almost like a high priest of elevator technology: the steel and glass roof structure rises above him like a cathedral; the red and blue lights from the massive screens beneath it reflected on his face. Huang holds his badge up to the reader next to the elevator – and it knows exactly which floor he needs to travel to.

Tencent is the Chinese market leader in messaging apps, payment services, and games. The company moved into this double high-rise building in Shenzhen’s high-tech district almost a year ago. ‘We are very proud to serve this customer,’ says Huang Xiaodong. He and his team take care of the maintenance of elevators within the 50 and 39 story building.

The award-winning building design brings together the benefits of a high-rise with a low-rise campus. Its two connected towers are angled towards each other, reducing the wind load. And a special area in the building is the recreation deck on the 23rd floor, which boasts a proper sports area complete with a basketball court, climbing wall, and running track for joggers.