Wuhan Greenland Center


In the race for the highest building in the world, we often forget how difficult it is to even become number two. The Wuhan Greenland Center is currently being built in the Chinese metropolis of Wuhan. After completion, it will be 636 meters high and will therefore be the second highest building in the world.

Wuhan Greenland Center
Picture: ©Adrian Smith + Gordon Gill Architecture

Construction began five years ago in one of the oldest cities in China. In the meantime, the lion’s share of the planned 120 stories has already been built. Most of the stories will be used as office space but the building will also include luxury apartments and a five-star hotel. The panoramic view from the restaurant being built on the top floor will also especially impress visitors.

Green steel colossus

The design for the multi-story building is from Adrian Smith and Gordon Gill Architects from Chicago. The history of Wuhan was used as orientation for the project. The big city at the confluence of the rivers Yangtze and Han is also known as the “three cities of Wuhan”. This is incorporated into the three conical sides of the complex. Furthermore, the cone shape will reduce wind resistance and help to avoid the formation of whirlwinds. The steel construction will also have aluminum fins for better shading.

The architects also paid particular attention to energy consumption. Wastewater will be purified and reused in the air conditioning of the skyscraper. The water installation system and the lighting are also designed to use the lowest possible consumption. Depending on the calculation, the Wuhan Greenland Center is expected to use 51% less resources than a conventional office building.

The hightest skyscraper in China

After completion in 2018, the Wuhan Greenland Center will in fact only be the number two skyscraper worldwide behind the Burj Khalifa in Dubai. However, it will be the highest building in China – or at least temporarily. In Suzhou, the Zhongnan Center is currently being developed, a skyscraper that is expected to already exceed the 700 meter mark.

Schindler Installations

With over 130 installations, Schindler is the main supplier of elevators and escalators, delivering 74 elevators and 57 escalators. The Wuhan Greenland Center will also be equipped with Schindler’s transit management system the “PORT Technology”.

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