Warsaw Spire


Schindler was the sole supplier of mobility solutions for the futuristic office building the Warsaw Spire, in the heart of the Polish capital.

The Warsaw Spire is not only the most prestigious building complex in Poland, but also one of the largest. The complex consists of three parts, with offices as well as service and commercial areas. The 220-meter-high tower at its center is the tallest office building in the country.

Schindler was given the assignment to ensure people mobility in the Warsaw Spire's approximately 100,000 m² of office space. A total of 41 Schindler elevators are installed, including 12 Schindler 7000 high-rise double-deck elevators; elevators with two stacked cars that can service two floors simultaneously. Schindler is also supplying its award winning destination control system – the PORT Technology. The Warsaw Spire is the first building in Poland, and one of a few in Europe, to be equipped with double-deck elevators.

Award winning architecture

The design, that won the "Architectural Design of the year, Poland", redefines urban office space and includes trees, fountains, shops and restaurants. Two 55-meter high buildings stand at the base of a breathtaking 220 meters spire in the middle.

The Warsaw Spire has been the recipient of multiple awards including the MIPIM Awards 2017 on the property market and also the "Best of the Best" Red Dot Design Award 2016 for the product design of the futuristic panels used in the building interior. The interiors of the Warsaw Spire elevator cabs generate a multitude of artistic expressions, wowing passengers riding in the elevators.

Learn more about Warsaw Spire Elevator Interiors on YouTube.

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