Sky Fort Sofia


Schindler is to equip the latest landmark in Bulgaria’s capital with 18 elevators and the transit management system The Port Technology.

Sky Fort Sofia
Picture: AAA Architects

When completed in 2021, the “Sky Fort” will be the second skyscraper in Sofia’s new “Capital City” complex, located at the city’s busiest thoroughfare, Tsaringradsko Shosse. The first one called “Capital Fort” was constructed between 2010 and 2013 and is also equipped with a total of 22 Schindler elevators.

Tallest high-rise in the country

The “Sky Fort” will reach a height of 202 meters and will be the tallest building in Bulgaria. The shape of the office building symbolizes an open arch, welcoming the visitors of the city through its southeast gate. The tower will have 49 floors above ground and three underground levels. The building will cover a surface area of 82,000 square meters. The dynamic architecture of this fascinating complex will represent the technological progress of the 21st century. On the top two floors, a restaurant and an observation deck will provide a unique view over the capital of Bulgaria.

Sky Fort Sofia
Picture: AAA Architects

Technical Innovations

Many advanced technologies will be implemented in the building, including high-performance elevators and the transit management system PORT, a seismic resistant structure and a specially designed energy efficient facade. This facade will be a special solution. It will be built mainly of two types of elements with different glazing. In the corner areas of the building, specially processed glass will be used to create visibility from the inside outwards and from the outside to form a white surface that defines the arches. The two types of elements will be separated by a metal strip surrounding the arches on the inside.

And the new business city will grow further. Three new high-rise buildings are already planned for the period after 2021.

Schindler Installations

  • 14 x Schindler 7000 – all equipped with PORT; specially designed interior with LED screens on three sides
  • 4 x Schindler 5500
  • Lobby Vision

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