Park Tower Zug


Urban mobility redefined in the heart of Switzerland.

At 81 meters high, the Park Tower in Zug is perhaps not the tallest building in Switzerland, but is certainly very innovative. This is thanks to its special design.
The walls of the inner core consist of 30-centimeter-thick reinforced concrete. Together with the exterior columns, they carry the entire load of the building. As a result, the floor space of 550 square meters per story can be freely subdivided. The access concept is no less innovative.

Latest generation technology

For the first time, Schindler has implemented a fully integrated transit management system based on PORT Technology. The latest generation of PORT Technology, "myPORT", is a smartphone-based platform that offers building owners, residents and visitors more security, freedom, and lifestyle. When a resident wants to enter the building, they identify themselves by unlocking their mobile phone with a fingerprint or PIN code. myPORT then automatically opens the entrance door and assigns them one of the three elevators, which will take them to their pre-programmed or learned floor.

Connected building

Once they arrive at the apartment, the door also opens automatically. A video intercom system is integrated into the system. If a visitor in front of the building rings the doorbell the image appears both on the PORT intercom in the apartment and on the resident's mobile phone. The visitor can identify them and instruct the system to allow them into the building and to take the elevator to the apartment.

There, for example, the visitor can drop off a parcel in front of the resident’s home or, if permitted, open the door. This function can be used via myPORT from anywhere in the world where there is mobile phone reception - as if you were there. One of the companies that operates a branch in the Park Tower takes advantage of this - their receptionist is based in London.

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