OmniTurm Frankfurt


Schindler equips the OmniTurm in Frankfurt with high-performance elevators and the intelligent transit management system PORT. For the first time in Germany, the digital mobility solution myPORT will be used in this new high-rise building.

With the 183-meter-high OmniTurm, Frankfurt's skyline will be enriched by another skyscraper. Project developer Tishman Speyer plans to complete the 45-storey building in Frankfurt's financial district by the beginning of 2019. However, the high-rise designed by the Bjarke Ingels Group not only impresses with its remarkable appearance: it will be the first high-rise building with genuine mixed use in Germany, containing office, residential and public areas.

Individual & efficient: Mobility with Schindler PORT/myPORT

Schindler is to equip the OmniTurm with high-performance elevators and the transit management system PORT. In addition, the skyscraper will be the first commercial building in Germany to be fitted with the Schindler myPORT solution: when an authorized building user identifies themselves via smartphone or chip card at the entrance, they will be given an optimal route through the building to the desired destination. The seamless journey starts upon entering the building with the assigned elevator already waiting at the ground floor.

The intelligent combination of traffic control and access control creates maximum efficiency and meets the requirements of the individual user groups in the building. This ensures that the elevators in such a skyscraper don’t become a bottleneck.


With myPORT to the digital building

The myPORT solution offers additional valuable benefits to the future residents of the 147 apartments in the OmniTurm: for example, they can communicate with visitors at the entrance via video chat using a stationary PORT terminal in the apartment or the myPORT app on the smartphone and the door for guests can be opened by a simple click on the invitation button.

Tishman Speyer is targeting LEED Platinum certification for the tower upon completion.

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