Clearpoint Residencies in Colombo


Schindler was chosen as the vertical transportation solution provider for Clearpoint Residencies; a unique eco-friendly development dubbed the tallest residential vertical garden in the world.

 Clearpoint Residencies located in Colombo, Sri Lanka
Tallest vertical garden in the world, Clearpoint Residencies located in Colombo, Sri Lanka

Clearpoint Residencies, located in Colombo, Sri Lanka will be the first sustainable high-rise apartment complex in the country, with solar panels for electricity generation, a wastewater recycling system, planted facades and Schindler 7000 elevators, complete with regenerative drives and PORT destination control system. The completed construction will rise to 52 stories. Clearpoint will contain 164 apartments, each with 214 m2 of floor space. Clearpoint Residencies is scheduled for completion in 2017.

The planted terraces for each apartment will help to absorb sound, provide shade and cleanse the air by absorbing carbon dioxide. They will be watered using an automated drip-irrigation system. The water used for the irrigation will come from harvested rainwater as well as recycled bathroom sink and shower water. These methods of ensuring water usage efficiency will help to reduce intake from the national water supply by an estimated 45 percent.

By increasing the size of the covered terraces and using plants for extra shade, it has been possible to ensure that none of the building's windows will be exposed to direct sunlight, which would have been one of the main causes of heat gain. This means that the size and energy requirements of the air conditioning units are reduced. All of the apartments are also cross-ventilated to provide further cooling.

Solar panels will be installed on the roof of the building and are expected to provide enough energy to power the shared facilities, such as lobby lighting, elevators, the water recycling system and an on-site sewage recycling/treatment system. Any excess electricity that is generated will be sold to the national grid.

In addition, all Schindler elevators at Clearpoint will adopt Schindler’s clean Power Factor One (PF1) regenerative drive technology, which, together with PORT will contribute to reducing the building’s overall energy consumption and help meet its sustainability goals. This project will also mark the introduction of Schindler’s PORT destination control technology to Sri Lanka.

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