Aiguille du Midi


The trip to view the highest mountain in Europe is now faster, more secure, and more comfortable than ever.

Schindler to install highest elevators in France
Observation deck of the Aiguille du midi, France

Starting in September 2014, Schindler installed two of its industry leading Schindler 7000 high-rise elevators on the Aiguille du midi. Bringing up to 300 passengers per hour to almost 4,000 meters, they provide the necessary transportation capacity for one of Europe’s top tourist attractions.

The two Schindler 7000 elevators are installed in a rock shaft at 3,777 meters and travel 65 meters to the observation deck. At this altitude the views are incredible, including the best view of Europe’s highest mountain, Mont Blanc. Also on the Aiguille is the famous innovation “Le pas dans le vide”, opened in December 2013, where visitors can take “a step into the void” in a glass cage suspended over a 1,000 meter precipice.

Equally breathtaking at this altitude were the challenges for elevator installation. And this is where Schindler’s well-earned reputation for reliability and safety came into play, not to mention its experience in the area, having installed elevators at similar altitudes in Switzerland.

From the exactness of the preparation necessary to do the job, to having all potential technicians undergo thorough medical checks to ensure they can work safely and efficiently at that altitude, Schindler France was able to deliver the professionalism and expertise necessary for this demanding installation.

The Aiguille du midi project was more than just putting an elevator in a mountain. With such incredible views across the Alps in France, Switzerland and Italy, the Schindler product enhances the experience for the visitor, and is not just a means of transportation.

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