432 Park Avenue in New York


As the tallest residential building in the western hemisphere and reaching a height of 426 meters, it is clearly visible in the New York skyline.

The 96 stories of the impressive high-rise building at 432 Park Avenue contain more than 100 luxury apartments. It is not only its imposing height, but also the particularly slim design of the building that is striking. Schindler supplied 11 elevators and 2 escalators, as well as its The PORT Technology, for this prestigious project.

Most famous city in the world

New York is the epitome of a modern city: with around 20 million inhabitants in its metropolitan area and over 50 million visitors each year, New York is a very popular location. As a result, it also has the highest cost of living in the USA.

There is a boom in luxury apartments with panoramic views of the city at present. New York is the most important financial center in the world. Wall Street is home to the world’s two largest stock exchanges, the New York Stock Exchange and NASDAQ.

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