The measures of our success

Our goals and objectives define the direction in which our leaders drive the company and how resources are allocated. They are the measures by which our success is judged.

Safety and reliability

  • Safety of passengers and employees as # 1 priority
  • Reducing call-back rates and achievement of highest reliability

Customer satisfaction

  • Measure and continuously improve customer loyalty
  • Align all processes to serve customers in a hassle-free and responsive manner


  • Preferred employer in our industry and greater than national norm in each country
  • Continuous training and people development as basis for growth, quality and efficiency

Sustainable growth

  • Achieve the # 1 or # 2 position in all market segments served
  • Capture growth opportunities in emerging markets
  • Service unit growth through NI conversions and high customer loyalty
  • Grow the fulfillment capabilities improving quality, efficiency and margins
  • Continuously improve our products and processes to become more environmentally friendly

Financial performance

  • Steadily improving financial results through profitable growth
  • Continuously improve products and processes to increase competitiveness