Safety & health

Defining the way we work

Safety is a fundamental value of Schindler. We do not compromise on the safety of passengers or our employees.

Safety at Schindler

Schindler adopts a holistic approach to safety. End user comfort and safety is Schindler's primary concern, starting from the research and development process, the design and manufacturing, through to on-site installation, servicing and finally recycling of its products. Our actions are split into three categories.  

> Product safety: Engineering, manufacturing, installation and disposal of safe and reliable products

> Safety in service: Ensuring highest passenger safety and reliability during a products lifetime

> Employee safety & health: Caring for health and wellbeing of all our employees worldwide

Adhere to global & local regulations

We ensure that all of our products and services worldwide conform to clearly established requirements, country-specific laws, regulations and norms.

If new safety regulations necessitate the upgrading of older installations, Schindler actively proposes appropriate modernization solutions to the owners of the equipment. Should the owner be unwilling to upgrade equipment with the requisite safety components, Schindler will withdraw its maintenance services and may refrain from taking the responsibility for the maintenance of the installation. 

Furthermore our safety policy focuses on the identification of potential risks at the Group's production sites worldwide – ranging from environmental factors to delivery and transportation issues.

Drawing on its findings, the company actively defines and implements preventative measures with the support of local safety officers. Safety specialists at the individual Group companies worldwide are responsible for the detailed definition and documentation of local safety requirements. 

Quality: ISO 9001:2008 certifications

All major Schindler operating companies throughout Europe, the Americas and Asia/Pacific are certified according to the ISO 9001:2008 quality management standards.