Product sustainability

New modular elevator range with improved environmental performance

In 2020, we introduced our new modular elevator generation, equipped with innovative technology, including touchless operation, advanced connectivity, additional digital services, and improved environmental performance.

The new elevator range, namely the Schindler 1000, the Schindler 3000, and the Schindler 5000, has the options available to reach the highest energy efficiency rating A according to ISO 25745 if selected by the customer. Energy consumption of individual installations is influenced by the configuration, frequency of use, travel speed, and height of the building, among other variables.

Schindler provides independently verified information on its products’ materials, production, utilization, and disposal through Environmental Product Declarations (EPD) in accordance with the international standard ISO 14025.

Improving the performance of products through modernization

Schindler’s modernization solutions for older elevators and escalators provide for energy efficient improvement opportunities. They include the installation of new LED lighting systems, energy-recovery drives, intelligent power management systems, and energy efficient dispatch systems optimizing traffic flow, as well as ways to increase the capacity and reduce resource usage.

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