We pioneer smart mobility with our ideas and solutions, keeping a growing urban world easily accessible.

Pioneer smart urban mobility Shaping urban landscapes

Schindler moves people and goods, connecting vertical and horizontal transport systems and shaping urban landscapes – both now and in the future. We pioneer smart mobility with our ideas and solutions, keeping an ever-growing urban world easily accessible and making each trip safe and efficient.

Shaping the skyline

Elevators and escalators make tall buildings livable and large infrastructure projects accessible. Vertical transportation has allowed the steel-frame skyscraper to give new shape and substance to global cities and enables the rapid expansion of new dynamic urban areas. Increasing urbanization will not only push the horizontal limits of existing cities but their vertical boundaries as well – refashioning both their skylines and public transportation networks with the enabling power of elevators and escalators.

Countries such as China, India, Indonesia, and Brazil continue moving in a vertical direction. China alone builds more than 70 skyscrapers each year. This long-term trend increases elevator density and supports further demand for the most advanced elevator and escalator products and services.

This new way of living will only be possible with smart mobility solutions. Schindler has the expertise and product selection to make every type of facility found in cities – and elsewhere – easily and safely accessible.

Urban life in Chongqing, China.
Urban life in Chongqing, China.

Moving more than one billion people each day

With more than one billion people moved each day, Schindler is resolved to provide reliable customer service and high-quality mobility solutions that ensure safe and efficient trips for the public, as well as cost-effective, superior performing equipment for building owners and operators. Schindler’s offering ranges from small budget solutions for low-rise homes to sophisticated access and transport management concepts for multifunctional buildings.


Schindler Ahead – digital solutions for the internet of elevators and escalators.

Schindler Ahead – connecting people

Imagine a platform where all parties are connected and necessary information is shared in real-time. Schindler Ahead is the new digital solution for elevators and escalators, enabling a whole range of new digital products and services. Whether you own, manage or use an elevator or escalator, you will benefit from higher uptime, thorough insights, and greater convenience. Schindler Ahead is the world’s first fully digital closed loop maintenance, emergency services, and information system.

Ahead already offers sophisticated solutions to ease planning, to revolutionize maintenance and management, and to enhance user experiences, with the aim to keep transforming and shaping upward mobility as we know it.

Schindler will continue to drive forward smart urban mobility and by 2022 over half a billion people per day will travel on our digitally connected elevators and escalators.

The PORT Technology – creating seamless transit management with new App-based myPORT.

The PORT Technology – creating seamless transit management

The PORT Technology by Schindler, the Personal Transit Management system revolutionizes the science of optimizing traffic flow through a building while offering personalized service and access control. Together with myPORT – its next generation developed for the smartphone – the PORT Technology offers enormous benefits to passengers who use our elevators and escalators each day.

The PORT Technology not only significantly reduces waiting times for elevators by up to 40%, but also the number of stops required. It reliably meets the individual requirements of passengers – such as allowing them more time to enter or exit the elevator, ensuring there is more space in the elevator they travel in and create a barrier-free user experience. The PORT Technology takes on today’s environmental challenges by managing elevator trips in the most efficient manner possible and reducing energy consumption of the whole system to a minimum.

Schindler clean technology: regenerative drives with energy recuperation technology.

Technology for clean mobility

Schindler utilizes smart technologies to enable every elevator to run efficiently. Our products use energy-regenerating drives, stand-by mode enabling controls, LED lighting, as well as advanced transit management systems to reduce environmental impact over their lifetime. Our main elevator product lines have all achieved industry-leading energy-efficiency ratings from independent certification bodies.

To give insights on the ecological performance of its elevators, Schindler provides Environmental Product Declarations (EPD) which correspond to ISO 14025:

> More detail on Schindler elevator EPDs

Schindler escalators employ adjustable speed and lightweight drive technology and are up to one-third more energy-efficient than previous models. We help buildings to become more sustainable and contribute to LEED and BREEAM certifications of our customers' most sustainable projects.

Elevators and escalators remain in operation for several decades and we work continuously on increasing their energy-saving capabilities through modernization. Schindler helps to keep aging buildings and equipment competitive and increase safety and comfort for passengers. In addition, all Schindler models are constructed with components that are at least 80% recyclable, with no hazardous materials to keep our product’s environmental impact to a minimum.

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