We pioneer smart mobility with our ideas and solutions, keeping a growing urban world easily accessible.

Pioneer smart urban mobility Shaping urban landscapes

Schindler moves goods and 1.5 billion people every day, connecting vertical and horizontal transport systems and shaping urban landscapes – both now and in the future. We pioneer smart mobility with our ideas and solutions, keeping an ever-growing urban world easily accessible and making each trip safe and efficient.

Advanced building management with the Schindler Ahead ActionBoard.
Advanced building management with the Schindler Ahead ActionBoard.

Building on connectivity

One important element of transforming our business, our products, and our services digitally is connectivity. Connected elevators and escalators offer enhanced planning, maintenance, management and user experience.

The ongoing digital transformation enables advanced building management, adding value for our customers, building owners and service providers. Our target is moving over half a billion people daily on connected elevators and escalators by 2022. In 2020, more than 200 million passengers a day used one of our connected elevators and escalators.

The PORT Technology terminal.
The PORT Technology terminal.

Seamless transit management

The PORT Technology by Schindler helps optimizing traffic flow in a building, including personalized service and access control. It not only significantly reduces waiting times for elevators by up to 40%, but also the number of stops required, managing elevator trips in the most efficient manner and keeping related energy consumption to a minimum. PORT Technology equipped elevators also offer additional customization for users, such as more time to enter or exit the elevator, ensuring more space in the elevator cabin and a barrier-free user experience.

BuildingMinds aims tol transform building management.
BuildingMinds aims to transform building management.

Transforming building management

By combining an integrated cloud platform with a digital building twin and data-driven insights, the start-up BuildingMinds contributes to the transformation towards more sustainable building management. Its common data model is in line with international and national standards and enables the use of standardized sustainability metrics, advanced analytics, and prescriptive management capabilities.

Cyber security at Schindler
Cyber security at Schindler.

Cyber resilient across the organization

Digitalization and connectivity can help unlock value for our customers. However, the uptake of such new technologies underscores the importance of establishing a cyber resilient environment. Data protection and product security are key elements to meet the needs of our employees, customers and partners. At Schindler, cyber resilience covers our products, services and applications, via leading-edge IT solutions, awareness and education, as well as product robustness.

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