Schindler vision & values

Shared values – sustainable progress

Our present-day success is driven by our commitment to traditional core values such as customer service, quality and safety, combined with its key strengths of creativity and innovation to produce intelligent solutions in response to our customers' needs.


Schindler Management Ltd.
Zugerstrasse 13
6030 Ebikon
+41 41 445 30 60

Our vision: Leadership through Customer Service

Our vision is to achieve market leadership through providing exceptional value to our customers. In addition to providing competitive products, we must deliver industry leading services and world-class customer care.

In order to do so our business processes must be designed to serve our customers in a hassle-free and responsive manner.

Our values: how we conduct ourselves

Our values describe how Schindler, as a company, and its employees behave, and are the principles upon which our business relationships are based. Our values define not only what we do, but also what we are not prepared to do.

  • Safety
  • Create value for the customer
  • Commitment to people development
  • Integrity and trust
  • Quality

Our commitments

We believe that our employees need a clear understanding of what their company represents as well as its direction and objectives. Therefore, alongside our values and goals, we have various policies explicitly detailing our commitments to customers, users and employees, as well as what we expect from our employees.