Lower vehicle fleet emissions Focusing on key impacts

With our global service vehicle fleet, Schindler technicians are on the move to provide seamless mobility for everyone, 24 hours a day.

Managing a global service fleet

We operate a global fleet of more than 20,000 vehicles to effectively maintain our product portfolio and deliver swift and reliable services to our customers. These vehicles account for the largest proportion of our direct energy consumption.

Our commitment to reduce fleet emissions is stipulated in our Global Fleet Policy. By 2022, we aim to reduce the intensity of our fleet’s carbon footprint by 25% in relation to revenue through:

  • Selecting fuel-efficient and low-emission vehicles
  • Eliminating travels through smart Remote Monitoring
  • Intelligent route planning for service technicians

We broadened the focus to a life cycle perspective, including spare parts and material delivery, and to explore innovative mobility solutions for more sustainable modes of transport.

In 2020, the intensity of our fleet's carbon footprint decreased by 14%  (compared to our baseline year of 2017), in part due to the economic slowdown.

“Optimizing mobility of our service technicians in a way they spend less time driving a car in traffic and having more time for their customer is a win-win situation for our customers, the environment, and Schindler.”

Guillaume M. De Subercasaux, Global Mobility Manager

Schindler service technician with small electric car in Paris, France.
Schindler service technician with small electric car in Paris, France.

Smart selection of vehicles

At Schindler we are permanently rethinking the size and type of our service fleet vehicles. In dense city environments small electric cars, e-bikes or public transport can be the more efficient, faster, and environmentally friendly option.  

Remote monitoring of elevators and escalators

Digital remote monitoring reduces the number of unscheduled visits significantly. With that, overall mileage related to site visits decreases, helping to lower fuel consumption and the carbon footprint of our service fleet.

Our service technicians are notified in real time only when there is an issue or an irregularity. They then can rely on the expert knowledge at the Schindler’s Technical Operation Centers, a global interconnected network of technical specialists and data analysts, to fix the matter.

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