Increase sustainability performance of suppliers Multiple ideas – one ambition

Schindler is committed to improving supplier performance, competitiveness, cost efficiency, ethical behavior, and environmental awareness while maintaining high standards of safety and quality. We expand our assessment criteria to a broader range of sustainability aspects and further strengthen our risk-based approach.

A global supply chain

Schindler relies on a network of thousands of suppliers for production materials and services worldwide. We assess the performance of key supply partners in areas such as compliance with the Schindler Vendor Policy, quality systems, environmental management practices, and certifications. Our network of category and country teams work together closely with our suppliers to achieve the best possible results.

Schindler works with thousands of suppliers worldwide.
Schindler works with thousands of suppliers worldwide.

Supplier assessment process

To improve supplier performance globally, we operate a staged supplier assessment process focussing on quality, environment, labor, human rights, and business risks. After an initial evaluation of prospective suppliers we qualify new suppliers and new plants of existing suppliers.

In addition, we conduct frequent requalifications of existing partners. Schindler values suppliers with certified safety, quality and environmental management systems such as ISO 45001, 9001, 14001. Finally our industrialization process elevates our suppliers towards meeting demanding new requirements.

Specialized external rating systems help us assess the performance of the supply chain and set targets. We then work in close collaboration with our suppliers and business partners to constantly improve the efficiency.

Developing strong partners.
Developing strong partners.

Our ambition for the future

In a first step we are improving transparency in our global supply chain by increasing cooperation amongst our global, regional and local purchasing and industrialization functions. We recognize suppliers with already high standards, support their initiatives to improve further, and work with them to develop long-term improvement plans. This enables us to reduce business risks as well as increase the reputation of our suppliers.

By 2022, we will have independent sustainability assessments for our component suppliers – reflecting at least 75% of our purchases.

Vendor Policy as an integral part of contracts

Our external suppliers are expected to maintain the highest standards of professional conduct and integrity in their business activities. They must comply with our Vendor Policy, which is based on the values set out in our Code of Conduct. Failure to meet these requirements could lead to sanctions and, ultimately, to the termination of the supply contract.

At Schindler, we have drawn up purchasing guidelines for doing business with our suppliers that are enforced globally via mandatory organizational regulations to ensure compliance in each one of our offices around the world.

Adding value to the supply chain

Schindler aims to add true value to suppliers, thus building mutually beneficial long-term partnerships and increasing the sustainability performance of the whole supply chain.


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