Sustainable project references

"Green" is more than a color choice in building design - it has become an emerging and dominant design philosophy. Schindler partners with architects and building owners all over the world to reduce the overall impact of their buildings on the environment.


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International Commerce Centre (ICC), Hong Kong

International Commerce Centre (ICC), Hong Kong, China

Rated HK-BEAM Platinum
The 490m-tall International Commerce Centre (ICC) is Hong Kong's tallest building. The building has received a platinum rating from the HK-BEAM Society, based on over 100 criteria including design, construction, operation, maintenance and property management. Schindler has provided a total of 83 elevators and 37 escalators, as well as a traffic management system, significantly reducing elevator journeys and thus the overall energy consumption.


Kalpataru Square, Mumbai, India

Certified LEED Platinum
Kalpataru Square, a luxury office building at a prime location in Andheri, Mumbai, is setting new standards in terms of sustainability and energy efficiency – in recognition of which it has been awarded the LEED Platinum certificate. Schindler has made an important contribution towards its energy efficiency with its Miconic 10 hall call destination system: passengers travelling to the same destination are assigned to the same elevator car, thus significantly reducing their journey time and eliminating unnecessary stops. This also ensures that elevator trips without passengers are minimized and that transport capacity is significantly increased.

Park Ventures, Bangkok, Thailand

Certified LEED Platinum
Park Ventures, which includes a hotel and offices, has obtained LEED Platinum certification – the highest such rating – reflecting the sustainable practices used in the construction of the building as well as the focus on the efficient use of resources in its interior. Schindler’s contribution was the supply of energy-efficient elevators featuring innovative PORT technology to swiftly transport the large numbers of people within the complex to their destinations while ensuring a high level of security.

Bank of America Tower, New York, USA

Bank of America Tower, New York, USA

Certified LEED Platinum
The 54-storey Bank of America Tower is an example of environmental building design and construction. To help reach its energy conservation goals, the building owner partnered with Schindler to include a mobility system that would save energy and provide every tenant with direct access to their destination. The building won 1st place in the Elevator World's Project of the Year 2010.

Hearst Tower, New York, USA

Hearst Tower, New York, USA

Certified LEED Gold
The 46-storey Hearst Tower in Midtown New York is the first LEED Gold certified building. It is designed to be 26 percent more energy-efficient than a standard office building. Schindler provided 15 high-rise elevators and a revolutionary traffic management system reducing elevator journeys and thus the overall energy consumption.

Heron Tower, London, United Kingdom

Heron Tower, London, United Kingdom

Rated BREEAM ‘Excellent'
London's 202-metre Heron Tower is a environmentally focused development which is setting the standards for offices of the future. The project was awarded a BREEAM ‘Excellent' Environmental & Sustainability Rating in January 2010. Schindler provides double-deck elevators and a state-of-the-art traffic management system that will significantly reduce elevator journeys and thus the overall energy consumption.