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Employee safety

At the end of each day, we want employees to return home safely. This is why we are working hard to create a safe, inclusive, and sustainable work environment.

Our behavior-based safety training

Being aware of potential risks and how to avoid and mitigate them are key elements of being safe on the job. In comprehensive behavior-based safety trainings Schindler promotes a sophisticated safety culture amongst all employees. We also conduct management-led safety jobsite visits and training sessions, on-the-job pre-task risk assessments by supervisors and technicians to build an incident free culture.

In 2019, we completed 126,000 safety walks, providing an effective channel to implement our ”zero-tolerance of safety violations” approach. We also launched the ”Safety Leadership 2.0” program to help managers have a stronger and effective impact on employee safety.

“Leadership, best-in-class training, effective process compliance, and a zero-tolerance approach towards safety violations are Schindler’s essentials for building a stronger safety culture.”

Rob Seakins, Member of the Group Executive Committee, responsible for Field Quality & Excellence

Schindler employees live a feedback culture at work around the world.
Schindler employees live a feedback culture at work around the world.

Safety and health awareness days

Around the world, we regularly conduct safety and health awareness workshops to help employees regard safety as a personal asset and practice an open feedback culture among colleagues. These events also touch on personal conduct in general and how to stay safe on the jobsite, on the move and at home.

Schindler also runs accident prevention campaigns, offers influenza vaccinations and promotes activities to stay physically and mentally fit.

Measuring safety performance

Schindler applies the comprehensive safety indicator Total Case Rate (TCR). TCR measures not only the number of lost workday cases due to injury, but also includes cases where an employee cannot perform their regular job. Our objective is to improve our TCR by 20% compared to 2017. In 2019, our TCR was 3.8, representing a 24% improvement compared to 2017 (TCR: 5.0). Every injury is one too many and we are determined to continue to reduce the number of employee incidents and injuries.

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