Attract diverse talents Embracing inclusion and diversity

Our global presence gives us access to the full spectrum of human diversity – reinforcing our ability to adapt and innovate. We count more than 66 000 people spread across 100 countries. We provide a work environment that is inclusive and diverse.

We promote an inclusive culture in which employees are valued for their diverse backgrounds, skills, and ideas.

Embracing diversity is key to develop and maintain the smart mobility solutions that will support the cities of the future. Diverse teams bring together different backgrounds, skills and ideas and take better decisions. Schindler is committed to be an equal opportunity employer providing a work environment free from discrimination and helping to bridge the opportunity gap that spans all industries.

As a global company, we address inclusion and diversity in all its forms. Gender diversity has been identified as an immediate objective and we intend to expand the scope of our initiatives.

The Schindler Diversity Committees

The Group-level diversity committee has been driving several initiatives since 2016, including our Women in Leadership programs, flexible work arrangements, unconscious bias workshops, inclusive leadership trainings, and dedicated gender diversity chapters in our talent review meetings. Local diversity committees action on our global I&D agenda, complemented by additional country initiatives.

“Inclusion is key to create an environment that welcomes all aspects of diversity and ensures the organization benefits from each person’s full contribution and unique perspective.”
Eric Way, Head of Corporate Inclusion & Diversity

Participants of the Women in Leadership program in Hong Kong.
Participants of the Women in Leadership program in Hong Kong.

Women in Leadership program

The Women in Leadership program actively promotes the development of female leaders within Schindler and is one of the pillars of the Group's diversity agenda. So far, the 11-month program has been running in Europe, North America, Latin America and parts of Southeast Asia.

In 2020, 22% women were in our planning for leadership positions, compared to 19% the year before. We aim to achieve a proportion of 25% by 2022.

LGBTI* flag at the Schindler campus in Ebikon, Switzerland.
LGBTI* flag at the Schindler campus in Ebikon, Switzerland.

Swiss LGBTI* Label – becoming a more diverse and inclusive employer

Schindler wants to continuously improve inclusion and diversity with concrete actions aiming to provide employees with a work environment where they can be themselves, irrespective of sexual orientation. On this journey, Schindler Switzerland received the Swiss LGBTI* Label, which was developed by two prominent Swiss LGBTI* associations, Network and Wybernet, and uses a standardized questionnaire to evaluate organizations' level of openness and inclusivity. This is a great way to learn about strengths and weaknesses in LGBTI* inclusion, and where to focus attention in the future.

We will use the feedback from the Swiss LGBTI* Label to continue work on the inclusion of the LGBTI* community. Based on this, areas of focus include improving the inclusion of transgender and intersex, incorporating rainbow families in Human Resource policies, prevention of discrimination and harassment based on sexual orientation, as well as LGBTI* partnerships and communication.

Schindler Career Development Program

The Schindler Career Development Program (SCDP) is designed to ensure that we have a selection of talented employees with the potential to assume a leadership role within the company. The Schindler SCDP is a six-year, on-the-job management training program that gives young professionals the chance to rise to top positions – international perspectives and professional guidance included.

Newly joined members of the SCDP program at the Global Entry Conference, held in October 2018 in Lucerne.
Members of the SCDP program 2019 in Lucerne.

Our success depends on our people

More than any other factors, it is the skill, expertise and professionalism of our employees that ultimately determine Schindler’s success in the marketplace. We treat all our employees with respect and offer them a stimulating working environment in which they can thrive. To help achieve these goals, Schindler introduced a global people strategy that provides managers and HR professionals with clear guidance on areas such as employee safety and health, people development, employment and motivation, work-life balance and remuneration.

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