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Shared values. Sustainable progress.

Schindler is a global, ever-growing corporation of over 60,000 employees that has been investing in innovation and continuous improvement for 140 years. We believe in long-term thinking and long-term strategies, and this is the approach we bring to sustainability too.

Silvio Napoli, CEO of the Schindler Group

"Sustainability is an ongoing commitment with no end date. We embed sustainability in every area of our business and every part of our corporate culture."

We have already made encouraging progress here throughout the Schindler Group. We have reduced the fuel consumption of our global 20 000-vehicle fleet; we now make our elevators and escalators using components that are 80% recyclable; and we support the evolution of sustainable technologies through both our own substantial investments in research and development and our partnership with the Solar Impulse project to fly an exclusively solar-powered aircraft around the world.

These achievements are not definitive successes, however: they are no more than early milestones on a much longer journey. For Schindler, sustainability is not a one-off project that can be initiated, implemented and then completed. There is no single technology or major investment that “buys” sustainability, and no magic silver bullet that will dissolve a carbon footprint.

Sustainability – which is encapsulated for us in our motto of “Thinking ahead. Acting today.” – is an ongoing commitment with no end date. If we are to achieve it, the most important changes must be a permanent shift in our day-to-day behavior. With forwardlooking attitudes that inform and influence every decision taken within our company, from global supply chain policies to opting for local sourcing, we can embed sustainability in every area of our business and every part of our corporate culture.

And this, we believe, will help us create and maintain a viable synthesis of economic ambition, social responsibility and ecological concern.

Signature Silvio Napoli

Silvio Napoli
Chairman of the Board of Directors