Schindler and the Solar Impulse Project

Schindler and the Solar Impulse Project

Schindler and Solar Impulse - joining forces today to address the challenges of tomorrow.

Schindler is one of four main partners who have joined forces to develop the Solar Impulse, a revolutionary aircraft that uses only sunlight for power. This is important to us, as demands on mobility grow and fuel resources dwindle and become more expensive.

Mankind’s future lies in using clean, sustainable energy from renewable sources. Sources like the sun that will power the Solar Impulse – which has the wingspan of an Airbus A340 but is ca. 100 times lighter – when it attempts to circle the globe with no fuel.

Around the world flight attempt 2015 / 2016

Bertrand Piccard and André Borschberg have started their epic voyage around the world in 2015. The Around the World flight will last 500 hours total flight time; cross 35,000km and land in 12 locations across the world.

After the first ever oceanic crossing by a solar airplane and record breaking flight from Japan to Hawaii, the second half of the RTW was delayed until April 2016. The plane needed to undergo a replacement of its overheated batteries.

Now the journey contineus. We are looking forward to the continuation of this pioneering project and are proud to be part of this adventure.