The Schindler Logo over the years

The success story of the Schindler logo began in 1910, when Alfred Schindler – grandfather of today's Chairman, Alfred N. Schindler – designed the first logo with a young employee named Maxime Chatel. Today, the Schindler logo with its name, symbol and colors is built on tradition and expresses our self-understanding.

Schindler Logo 2006


The traditional Schindler logo shape returned in 2006 with the company name in the same red as the “stripe logo” 20 years before. Its design reflects our brand values: Reliable, Moving, Trailblazing.

By being three-dimensional, it communicates dynamic movement. Its color reflects the utmost in technical precision and quality.

Schindler 1985


The Schindler logo was radically redesigned and modernized in 1985 with red stripes as the dominant motif. These vertical stripes were meant to symbolize the vertical transformation of the core business.

Schindler 1974


The Schindler logo was changed in 1974 – after nearly 50 years – to be darker and easier to read and recognize. You might still see this logo today on elevators installed prior to the 1990s.

Schindler 1925


In 1925 the logo was simplified and officially registered. The original compass image was made more abstract and reduced to two lines.

Schindler 1910


The first logo's circular shape symbolized perfection, the compass at the bottom, precision and the art of engineering. Inside the compass is the year the company was founded.