A fascinating story...

In its more than 140-year history, Schindler has grown from a local manufacturer of machines into a global elevator and escalator business. On the way, it has shaped the industry, defined best practice as a mobility provider and as an employer, and prospered in a highly competitive global environment. The story begins in a workshop in Lucerne in 1874...


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Foundation of Schindler

1874 - 1900

1874: Robert Schindler (pictured) and Eduard Villiger establish the collective joint partnership Schindler & Villiger.

1883: Move to the newly built plant at Sentimattstrasse in Lucerne.

1892: The first electric elevator with belt drive is built.

First subsidiaries outside of Switzerland

1901 - 1920

1901: Robert Schindler sells the company to his nephew Alfred Schindler (pictured).

1906: Schindler & Cie. o.H.G, the first subsidiary outside of Switzerland, is established in Berlin.

1915: Schindler starts production of elevator motors.

1920: The name of the company changes to Kommandit-AG Schindler & Cie., Aufzüge- und Maschinenfabrik mit Giesserei.

New technologies and subsidiaries

1921 - 1940

1925: The company name changes to Kommanditaktiengesellschaft Schindler & Cie., Aufzüge und Maschinenfabrik.

1929: PARS Finanz AG in Hergiswil, Switzerland, is founded.

1936: Schindler installs the first escalator.

1937: Death of Alfred Schindler. His son, Alfred F. Schindler (pictured) takes over management of the company.

Building of new headquarters and technical innovations

1941 - 1960

1945: Schindler Waggon AG, Pratteln, Switzerland, is established.

1952: Schindler launches the Directronic drive.

1957: Transfer to new headquarters in Ebikon (pictured).

1960: Schindler acquires the Schweizerische Wagons- und Aufzügefabrik Schlieren (SWS).

Schindler shares traded on Zurich Stock Exchange and Joint Ventures in Hong Kong and China

1961 - 1980

1965: Launch of Dynatron drive.

1971: Trading in shares of Schindler Holding AG on the main Zurich Stock Exchange begins.

1974: Joint venture with Jardine Matheson & Co. Ltd in Hong Kong.

1980: First industrial joint venture of the People's Republic of China with a western company (pictured). China Schindler Elevator Co. is established in Beijing.

Expansion in China and seperation from the rolling stock business

1981 - 2000

1985:  Alfred N. Schindler, Luc Bonnard and Dr. Uli Sigg are elected executive directors and take over the management of the company.

1990: World's first hall call destination system, Miconic 10 (pictured).

1998: Schindler separates from the rolling stock business.

1998: Schindler takes over the Haushahn Group in Stuttgart, Germany.

1999: Schindler acquires 63.64% of the shares of Elevadores Atlas S.A., Sao Paulo, Brazil.

New factories and focus on Asian markets

2001 - Today

2003: Launch of SchindlerID, a new traffic-management and access-control technology.

2009: Introduction of Transit Management System, the PORT Technology.

2014: Opening of new factories in China (pictured) and India.

2014: Schindler acquires majority in Joint Venture with XJ-Schindler (Xuchang) Elevator Co. Ltd, China.

2016: Schindler enters strategic partnership with GE Digital and Huawei.

2017: Silvio Napoli becomes Chairman of the Board of Directors.

2018: Launch of breakthrough Robotics Installation System for Elevators.

Our Logo over the years

The success story of the Schindler logo began in 1910. It originally shows a compass at the bottom and the year the company was founded. Today, the Schindler logo with its name, symbol and colors is built on tradition and reflects our brand values.