Schindler Educate

Educate Educate – Examine – Enforce

In the Educate stage of the Compliance Program activities and processes are implemented which are designed to avoid compliance violations before they occur.

ABC Culture

Schindler employees are encouraged to Actively Be Compliant. Part of this is a "Speak-up culture" and a Compliance Exchange within the network on a regular basis.

Compliance Leadership

Team Leadership

Team Leadership

Schindler managers are not only business leaders but also Compliance leaders.

Risk Evaluation

Continuous Risk Evaluation

plays a key role in the implementation of Schindler's compliance program. 

Local Implementation

Local Implementation

is ensured by accurate training (Educate) and monitoring (Examine) and appropriately reacting to suspected violations (Enforce).

Training and Communication

Regular function specific compliance training is vital in order to allow employees to handle compliance issues and sensitive situations.

Schindler Compliance Training consists, inter alia, of the following elements:

New employees

Compliance introduction training as part of the "New Hire Orientation".


All employees equipped with a computer have to conduct 2 mandatory modules: Antitrust & Anti-bribery.

Antitrust and Anti-bribery training

Interactive classroom training.

Sales training

A compliance refresher is mandatory for all sales training sessions and conferences.

"Learning from a Compliance Case"

Real case based class room trainings and newsletters focus on learning and avoiding recurrence.

Compliance Quiz

Compliance questions with a choice of answers.

Code of Conduct Intranet

Regularly updated by Corporate Compliance, with training tools for use and download.

Code of Conduct Spot Training

Brief compliance refreshers conducted by Line Managers with their teams, based on a real case.

Code of Conduct at all Corporate Events

Regular compliance updates and refreshers at all corporate meetings and training events.


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