Schindler Compliance Program

Schindler Compliance Program

All Schindler employees commit themselves to observe the highest ethical standards of professional and personal conduct in their interactions with customers, colleagues, business partners, competitors, regulators and the communities in which we operate.

Over 120 Compliance employees worldwide

At Schindler, employees are engaged in Compliance at all levels.


Standards and Rules

Code of Conduct (CoC)
5 core principles on 1 page, wall-mounted at all premises
Guidelines to CoC
The 5 principles in detail; the guidelines are adapted to suit the local legal requirements and translated into local languages
Dos + Don'ts
Detailed internal norms specify the correct behaviour in risk areas, such as: Antitrust, Anti-bribery, Invitations to Events, Insider Trading and others.
Vendor Policy
Schindler requires all suppliers to maintain the highest standards of professional conduct and integrity in their business dealings with Schindler.

Tone from the top

Chairman Silvio Napoli about Compliance

"At Schindler, our goal is to be the most respected company in our industry worldwide. We’ll win by offering better products and unique services, by building lasting customer relationships, and by being leaders and innovators with an unceasing passion for progress and improvement. Our mission is to create long term value.

What we won’t do, and what we’ll never allow anyone who works for Schindler to do, is to try to win by cheating. There is no place in our company for corruption or collusion, for offering or accepting bribes, or for any form of underhand practice. And that’s as non-negotiable as our commitment to safety. At Schindler, we're a team with shared values and a code of conduct. We win together by being the best."

Silvio Napoli, Chairman of the Schindler Group

Compliance Organization

Schindler's Compliance Network is integrated into the business structure:

Corporate Compliance

The Group Compliance Officer is located in Switzerland. In every Zone there is a full-time Regional Compliance Officer: Americas, China, Asia Pacific, Europe, Africa, Middle East & India.


Area Compliance Officers

Area Compliance Officers support Corporate Compliance by coordinating compliance processes in several countries: Latin America, South East Asia, Japan & Korea, Middle East & North Africa, Australia & New Zealand.


Local Compliance Officers

In each Schindler entity worldwide a Schindler manager with a main function in Legal, Finance, HR or Internal Auditing acts as Local Compliance Officer. He/she is the "First Contact", coordinates compliance activities locally and is the "critical compliance voice."


Jardine Schindler Joint Venture

Jardine Schindler is a Joint Venture in South East Asia: A local legal counsel acts as Regional Compliance Officer for the 12 countries of the region.

We grow with Integrity

Schindler launched a world-wide Compliance Program in the mid-1990s. In order to avoid and control compliance risks, a systematic approach is followed in line with our "Three Es" concept.

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