Board Committees

The Board of Directors delegates certain duties to committees formed from its own members. It has appointed four standing committees: the Supervisory and Strategy Committee, the Nomination Committee, the Compensation Committee, and the Audit Committee. The Board of Directors appoints a chairman for each committee.

NameSupervisory & Strategy CommitteeNomination CommitteeCompensation CommitteeAudit Committee
Silvio Napoli✓ (Chairman)✓ (Chairman)--
Alfred N. Schindler---
Prof. Dr. Pius Baschera--✓ (Chairman)
Erich Ammann -✓ (Chairman)
Luc Bonnard---
Patrice Bula---
Prof. Dr. Monika Bütler---
Orit Gadiesh---
Adam Keswick---
Günter Schäuble----
Tobias B. Staehelin----
Carole Vischer---

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