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As the manufacturer, Schindler is familiar with the equipments' specific maintenance requirements and will be happy to present customers with a proposal for these services.

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K601888: Maintenance of Brake System B250/B300

No.itemsrefers to
1General Checksrefers to TK601888 (3.2.1)
2Check of Solenoid Plunger Strokerefers to TK601888 (3.2.2)
3Check of KB Function(if existing)refers to TK601888 (3.2.3)
4Rubber Bellows(old design)refers to TK601888 (3.2.4)
5Brake Liningsrefers to TK601888 (3.2.5)
6Braking Force at VKIrefers to TK601888 (3.2.6)
7Check of Brake Force with "Clock Dial-" or "Brake Slide Method"refers to TK601888 (3.2.7)
8Check of Supply Voltage of  Solenoidrefers to TK601888 (3.2.8)

K601887: Maintenance W200/W250 Geared Machines

The enclosed elevator maintenance document K601887 Maintenance W200/W250 Geard Machines contains equipment specific procedures, intervals for inspections and maintenance procedures that must be followed to help assure the continued safe operation of the equipment. These operations should be performed by trained and competent professional elevator service providers.

The owner must ensure that the equipment is maintained in compliance with the requirements of the maintenance manual. Failure to comply with this instruction may result in injury or damage.

If you have any questions regarding this maintenance manual or Schindler's maintenance program, please contact us.

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