Schindler - Value-added Services

Value-added Services

Schindler - Remote Monitoring Services

Remote Monitoring Services

Schindler's Remote Monitoring System is made up of the "Data collection and analysis system", that is installed on site, and the "Remote monitoring and management system", built in the maintenance dept. It is the ideal choice of elevator monitoring systems for intelligent residential complexes.

  • The Maintenance Dept is able to have real time monitoring of on-site elevators using its computerized system.
  • The on-site data collector is able to make logical analysis, automatic warnings and pre-signal breakdowns.
  • Also managing customer and breakdown information.
Schindler - VIP Service

VIP Service

When our customers host important events (e.g. opening ceremonies, large conferences etc) or receive distinguished leaders or VIPs, you can notify Schindler's Maintenance Department in advance and we will inspect the relevant elevators especially for you while deploying experienced technicians to supply stand-by services.

Schindler - Annual Inspection Service

Annual Inspection Service

With the consent of local authorities, Schindler is able to carry out site inspections for elevators with limited speed capacities and can issue those that passed the inspection with official certificates. This featured service can reduce the time required for safety inspections.

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