Reference Projects

Schindler China 24 Hour Hotline

For mobile users: 400 888 0110

For landline users:800 988 0110

Gaode Shopping Mall


Location: Guangzhou, China
Building type: Shopping Mall
Travel height:12meters,3 stories
Rated speed:1.75m/s
Rated load:1000kg
Modernized a normal elevator to a panorama elevator

Xin Tian Di Style


Location: Shanghai,China
Building type: Shopping Mall
Unit of El/Es: 9300AE-15u
Update: Added a varying frequency device

Ping Jiang Residence Community


Building type: Residential
Building heigh:87m,30 stories
Rated speed:2.5m/s
Rated load:1000kg
Updated the old elevator system with a new technical product