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Schindler 9500 inclined Economical solution for the commercial segment

The Schindler 9500 inclined moving walk is suitable for applications in the commercial segment. All moving walks are exceptionally economical thanks to unique Schindler solutions and technologies that guarantee maximum operational cost-effectiveness and easy maintenance.

Schindler 9500 10/15 - inclined moving walk

Schindler 9500 10/15 - inclined moving walk

Especially developed for shopping malls, Schindler 9500 10-15 inclined moving walks provide quiet, comfortable transportation from floor to floor, even with a fully loaded shopping cart. Schindler products never compromise quality, assuring dependable performance and passenger safety. Streamlined and flexible in design, these units leave plenty of room for architectural expression, indoors or out.

Streamlined construction
No moving walk on the market is more compact than the Schindler 9500/10-15.

  • Incline ranging from 10° to 12°
  • Short installed lengths
  • Ideal for covering short distances
  • 10° flat combs at both ends allow shopping carts to roll on and off easily
  • Ideal for outside use
  • Pallets are guided beneath the skirt for maximum user safety
  •  Cambered pallet surface delivers excellent grip when damp or wet.

Small installation dimensions
Patented short pallets with a depth of only 133 mm greatly reduce the transition curves. As a result, these moving walks require minimum installation space.

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