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Schindler 5400 AP is the top-of-the-range passenger elevator, developed by Schindler Company especially for the Asia-Pacific market, designed with special consideration to the requirements of mainland China's market, and are applicable to high-grade office buildings, residential buildings, hotels, airports, etc. They are designed with modularization, easy maintenance, flexibility adaptability to various environments, as well as of low total cost ownership.

Features and advantages

Schindler 5400 series elevators adopt preliminary engineering treatment schemes and realize maximum system standardization, meanwhile, keeping customized options.

  • Multilateral fashionable practice integrates the elevators into the building environments.
  • Its multi-purpose and flexible configurations are applicable to various environments.
  • High-efficient tractor and advanced variable frequency drive systems can save 40% of energy consumption compared to traditional tractors.
  • The no motor room solution can maximize the utilization of shaft space, to provide more renting spaces for the owner.
  • The operable only control mode can be selected to reduce the running time of elevators and increase its conveying capacity, as well as picking-up specific passengers at regular times.

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