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Schindler 5200 can perfectly fit the design concept of residential buildings with abundant interior
decorations. Excellent performance in energy saving and noise reduction s make it the first choice for elevators. It also provides a comfortable ride experience and efficient transit solutions for office buildings and commercial buildings.

High-level performance

The Schindler 5200 offers an excellent ride experience for the passenger. With advanced Swiss technology, Schindler 5200 meets the demands of high standardized and flexible installation method, which provides an ideal solution for mini-machine-room.

Green mobility

Keep energy consumption to a minimum by using power more efficiently. The new technological advances of the Schindler 5200, such as efficient gearless drive system and carefully selected materials, ensure a better performance in terms of environmental protection. Not only save, but more durable. 

Space configurability

Configure mobility the way you need it to make your building work. From the ideal space utilization and machine-room options to a perfectly fitting car, Schindler 5200 ensures the smooth flow of people and goods.

Freedom of design

Create the look and feel you like. Schindler 5200 Combine colors, materials, lighting, mirrors, handrails and fixtures to achieve the ambiance that fits both your ideas and your building. Choose from one of our three interior design lines or create the car to your own taste.