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Schindler 3600 Versatile in design, precise in performance.

Schindler 3600 passenger elevator unifies form and function. Its design options will match your building architecture, the mini machine-room solution and advanced Swiss technology make this product a good seller in China.

Plan & Design

Schindler 3600 - Solid performance

Solid performance

The Schindler 3600 was designed to meet wiss standards of precision – reliability is built in. Enjoy worry-free operation day in and day out.

Schindler 3600 - Green mobility

Green mobility

Engineered to be energy efficient and eco-friendly. A quieter ride means less noise pollution as well.

Schindler 3600 - Space efficiency

Space efficiency

A larger car for the same shaft. Smaller technical components allow roomier car dimensions and more personal space for passengers.

Schindler 3600 - Choice of design

Choice of design

Choose an interior style from our ready-made deco lines or create your own. Either way, it’s a perfect match.

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