Elevators For all types of buildings

Schindler elevators efficiently move passengers in notable buildings across China, including hospitals, hotels, offices, residences, airports, arenas and sports facilities. All Schindler elevators are designed to meet governing safety codes,and meet or exceed minimum GB16899 codes。

Plan & Design

Scan the QR coad to find our APP
Scan the QR coad to find our APP

Schindler 3300 AP

A remarkable style that suits the building.

Schindler 3600

Versatile in design, precise in performance.

Schindler 5200

Love what you love.

Schindler 5400 AP

Top quality for you.

Schindler 5500 AP

Fits you.

Schindler 7000

High-rise elevators to the top.

Freight & special elevators

Not only for passenger elevators.

Destination Technology

Moving people smarter.

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