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Residential Meeting and Seeing off you in the high-rise residence and villa

Schindler's reliable solutions help move residents through your building at all times of day - including the busy morning and evening rush. We minimize waiting time, provide reliable transportation and offer a comfortable experience to enhance your residents' quality of life.

Turning a building into a home

Schindler knows that for the tenants of your project, it's not just another building, it's home.

Our solutions - the smooth ride of 3300, the personalization of The PORT Technology - help make home a place residents never want to leave.

Partnering with you

Whether it's a small residential modernization or a new high-rise landmark building, Schindler works directly with architects, contractors and owners to determine the right solution for the job.

Schindler Villa Elevator, making your journey at home much easier.

Elevator in your home is a private space. Schindler elevator in your villa brings you a safe and comfortable journey. It can change your life at home and provide the conveniences. Space efficiency, green mobility and various design will create a great solution just for you and your home.

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Suzhou Shanghai Cunnian industrial Co., Ltd400-7751-307
Zhejiang Ningbo Rizhi elevator engineering  Co., Ltd 400-0757-333
Nanjing Nanjing Lifu Engineering Co., Ltd 025-85418146


Fu Zhou·Jin Hui Huai An Villa
Fu Zhou·Jin Hui Huai An Villa
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Nanjing Cheng Wang Li Du

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