Solar Impulse Project

Solar Impulse at a glance

Solar Impulse is the brainchild of Swiss aviators Bertrand Piccard and André Borschberg. To demonstrate the enormous potential of renewable energy, they pioneered the first-ever aircraft capable of using solar energy to fly both day and night.


Andrea Murer
Project Manager Solar Impulse Partnership
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Flying on Solar Energy

Like all revolutionary inventions, it wasn’t easy. Leading a 70-person team with 80 partners, it took them seven years of hard work to accomplish. They not only made thousands of calculations, ran endless simulations and tests, they also developed an all-new carbon-fiber fuselage for the aircraft.

In the words of Alfred N. Schindler, Chairman of the Schindler Group:

Alfred N. Schindler (left), André Borschberg (cockpit) and Bertrand Piccard (right)
Alfred N. Schindler (left), André Borschberg (cockpit) and Bertrand Piccard (right)

"Solar Impulse is an excellent example of innovative sustainability and grass-root entrepreneurship. It is not only about saving and conserving energy, it's all about working smarter instead of working harder. While staying in the air – day after day – Solar Impulse moves us beyond the idea of conventional belt tightening: it proves convincingly that one can tap into a virtually unlimited supply of solar energy. Solar Impulse is a unique platform where creativity meets audacity, technological expertise meets perseverance, vision meets discipline and, finally, where action converts a dream into reality."