Aircraft HB-SIA


Andrea Murer
Project Manager Solar Impulse Partnership
+41 41 445 45 14

Solar Impulse plane characteristics

The prototype HB-SIA, with the wingspan of an Airbus A340 and the weight of an average family car, achieved the historical feat of being the first and only airplane ever to fly day and night (26 hours) without any fuel.

It demonstrates to the world the potential of existing technologies in terms of energy saving and renewable energy production. The construction of the second prototype HB-SIB is on excellent path to meet its challenge of flying round the world in 2015 with no fuel.

Technical datasheet HB-SIA

Wingspan:63,4 m
Length:21,85 m
Height:6,4 m
Weight:1'600 kg
Motor power:4 x 10HP electric engines
Solar cells:11'628, of which 10'748 are on the wing and 880 on the horizontal stabilizer (tail)
Average flying speed:70 km/h
Take-off speed:35 km/h
Maximum altitude:8'500 m