Schindler's involvement

Why was Schindler one of the main partners of Solar Impulse?

The answer is simple: We believe that our future on this planet depends on us making a change. Since fuel resources dwindle and gas prices skyrocket while, at the same time, mobility demands grow, we need to come up with a clean and cost-effective alternative. By teaming up with Solar Impulse, we helped develop cutting-edge technologies to achieve clean mobility solutions.

Technology for clean mobility

Technology for clean mobility

Schindler has always been dedicated to clean and sustainable mobility. The partnership allowed Schindler to follow and support cutting-edge technology in this field. As demands on mobility grow and fuel resources dwindle and become more expensive, mankind’s future lies in using clean, sustainable energy from renewable sources. Schindler's pioneering product developments such as the destination controller; machine-room-less elevator and steel-rope-less traction became industry benchmarks and trendsetters.  

Sharing the same dream

Schindler and team Solar Impulse shared the same entrepreneurial spirit. Both parties are preoccupied with the same important question: How can we be mobile while reducing carbon footprint? Schindler supports sustainable urban development with safe, reliable and ecologically sound mobility solutions that move over one billion people every day, all over the world. We were a main partner of Solar Impulse because it was one of the most inspiring clean-tech projects in the world today. We strongly believe in investing in renewable technologies while maintaining our desire to create and innovate.  

Joining forces

By embedding our engineers in the Solar Impulse project, Schindler contributed to a unique scientific collaboration. The insights gained from developing lighter, more robust materials and improved propulsion efficiency will be applied to Schindler’s own future technologies.


Andrea Murer
Project Manager Schindler Solar Impulse Partnership
Tel. +41 41 445 45 14