Safety in service

Given that Schindler elevators and escalators remain in use for decades, it is essential that maintenance experts perform regular checks throughout the service life of the product. Schindler's service network covers all markets in which it is present, and as a global leader it has the scale and capacity to ensure fast, safe and reliable mobility 24 hours a day. Over half of Schindler's 54,000 employees work exclusively in service, carrying out preventative maintenance, trouble-shooting and repairs on installations.

Preventative maintenance

Wherever possible, Schindler runs preventative maintenance programs which identify signs of material fatigue in older models and replace the requisite components in good time. Preventative action can then be taken at an early stage, without compromising an elevator's or escalator's safety or performance.

Moreover, Schindler offers clients a range of comprehensive safety options, including the proactive upgrading of existing elevator or escalator models using the latest technology.


With Schindler's own specially developed Qualison testing technology, service technicians can inspect the drive shafts of older elevators using ultrasonic flaw detectors in order to rapidly identify hairline cracks or other potential weaknesses caused by intensive usage.

Safety training

Our technicians complete comprehensive technical training programs before their first on-site assignments as well as with each market introduction of new products. Our technical staff are required to attend regular safety courses to ensure they know and rigorously apply internal and external safety regulations at all times.

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