Employee wellbeing

We operate a safety and health policy to promote the wellbeing of our employees and to maximize safety in the workplace. This policy is based on clear guidelines and measures drawn up by the Group's risk and safety management as well as local safety representatives.

Employee safety & health

Schindler employees undergo regular safety training and are required to take wide-ranging safety precautions to minimize the risk of accidents at work.

Regular safety checks are performed by Schindler safety officers. If necessary, we ask customers to take steps to ensure that our employees can carry out their on-site assignments safely.

Schindler's initiatives to promote employee health and wellbeing are implemented primarily at a local level. Schindler also regularly conducts safety and health awareness days and runs accident-prevention campaigns to benefit staff.

Safety & health initiatives

Schindler safety conventions - To underline the high value of employee safety within the Schindler Group, a worldwide "Safety Convention" takes place every two years.

Safety conventions are designed to share best practices among the different Schindler companies and to create an opportunity to learn from each other's experiences, strengthening a safety culture. Significant progress has been made in improving safety but strong leadership and consistent communication are essential in order to raise safety awareness at all levels.Therefore to stay focussed and to continuously maintain the momentum in safety improvement, the next safety convention will be held in 2015.

Safety & health awareness days - Local Schindler Group companies regularly conduct safety and health awareness days – often with the support of external specialists – as well as launching accident prevention campaigns, organizing influenza vaccinations and encouraging staff to take part in sports and exercises.

Regular employee information - Regular publications ensure that employees are kept informed about health, safety and wellbeing activities

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