Product Ecology

Technology for clean mobility

Seemingly small and insignificant measures can have a significant effect on elevators' and escalators' environmental performance during their operational life cycle. The analysis of individual components is therefore just as important as the analysis of the entire system. Through intelligent solutions and the application of new technologies, Schindler has been able to make significant progress in the reduction of energy and material use.

First we analyze, then we advance

Schindler´s approach to the environment mirrors the way we approach our business overall. Schindler systematically analyzes its activities and focuses on those areas where we can have maximum effect, such as energy efficiency.

Schindler conducts life-cycle assessments (LCA) of its products. The objective is to continuously improve the environmental performance of the product assessed. One example is the environmental performance of the Schindler 3100, which has improved by around 50%. A holistic approach all the way.

Environmentally friendly elevators

With the introduction of the Schindler 3100, 3300, 5300 series, a technological quantum leap was achieved, reducing the environmental impact of earlier commodity product lines by about 40%. This reduction was achieved primarily through energy savings; switching the standard car light from 'always on' in the previous product lines to 'automatic off' in the newer ones.

The Schindler 7000 high-rise elevator is used in skyscrapers and other high-rise buildings throughout the world and provides energy savings through the development of significantly lighter components, the optimization of the energy levels required to light the elevator cars and for electronic standby functions, as well as the the recuperation of energy while the elevator is running.

Environmental fact sheets

Environmental fact sheets provide information on the total environmental impact of our products. The measurement standard is VDI 4707 established in March 2009 by the Association of German Engineers. The VDI guideline applies to the assessment of energy efficiency of elevators.

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