Schindler Ahead debuts at HUAWEI CONNECT 2017: Smart City, Grow with the Cloud


The three-day HUAWEI CONNECT 2017 concluded successfully on Sep 7, 2017 in Shanghai New International Exhibition Center. Schindler Ahead, Schindler’s IoEE solution service, debuted at the conference. As an inter-connected smart society is approaching, Schindler shares ideas with around 20 thousand industrial elites from over 150 countries or regions on how to facilitate industrial digitization and develop a new growth path from commercial, technical and ecological perspectives.


Schindler’s IoEE solution for real-time elevator monitoring

Schindler moves over 1 billion people every day. Timely and efficient management of its mobility solution products is crucial for improving safety and client satisfaction. Schindler planned to collaborate with Huawei to interconnect millions of elevators and escalators globally within a few years. Schindler IoEE will collect real-time data on elevator and escalator operation through Huawei’s EC-IoT solution and run Schindler’s application on the edge computing gateway to simulate data, which will then be connected to the cloud-based big data analysis platform to fulfil the elevator examination on the “health indicators” of each elevator or escalator part.

Elevator and Escalator Giant+Huawei Cloud technology: upgrading the digital DNA

Elevators and escalators are now shifting towards intelligent machines. Michael Nilles, Chief Digital Officer of Schindler Group, delivered a keynote speech of “Connectivity + Cloud: Faster Digitization” at the conference.

Michael Nilles, Chief Digital Officer of Schindler Group, delivered a keynote speech of “Connectivity + Cloud: Faster Digitization” at the conference

Schindler Group has been gradually implementing its digitization strategy since 2013 – from standardizing global IT infrastructures, constructing the global business process platform SHAPE, providing excellent customer service and user experience, innovating business models, products and services, to building a digital platform and ecosystem.

On Sep 19, 2016, Schindler Holding AG and Huawei Technologies announced future cooperation on developing intelligent IoT components for seamless connection among elevators and escalators. With the DNA of “Technology, Security, Service and Share” of Huawei Cloud, they are believed to be a perfect match for creating smart urban mobility solutions.

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