Be Schindler Be United: Jiading Schindler City Opening Ceremony was grandly held


On May 10, 2017, the Jiading Schindler City Opening Ceremony took place in Shanghai. Over 100 guests, including the Minister and Deputy Head of Mission and Head of the Political Section at the Embassy of Switzerland in China, Mr. Alain Gaschen, the Consul General of the Embassy of Switzerland in Shanghai, Mr. Alexander Hoffet, the Member of Jiading District CPC Committee and Deputy District Mayor, Shen Huadi, the Director General of the China Elevator Association, Mr. Li Shoulin, and other guests of Schindler China attended the event.


Mr. Silvio Napoli, Chairman of Schindler Group, Mr. Thomas Oetterli, CEO of Schindler Group, Mr. Daryoush Ziai, CEO of Schindler Group Zone China and the Corporate Management team all came to witness this memorable milestone in Schindler’s history.

Jiading Schindler City Opening Ceremony was grandly held

With Jiading Schindler City being the largest investment project of Schindler in its history, its opening is of unparalleled significance for both Schindler and China. Schindler’s long-term focus and incessant effort in investment, cooperation, sustainable development and Sino-Swiss relations led to the establishment of Jiading Schindler City today.

Historical inheritance: starts from the cooperation in 1980

In 1980, Schindler entered China and established its first industrial joint venture. Over the past 30 years, the company has increased its investment and scale in China in response to the opportunities and challenges that have risen with the rapid development of the market. In 2011, Schindler invested in and established its largest production plant and campus in the world in China to support its business expansion in China and beyond.

Schindler has placed much emphasis on its long-term investment in China since the beginning. China is the most important elevator market today. “We shall continue to plough into the future and pay high attention to the market just as Schindler has been doing all along”, according to Mr. Silvio Napoli, Chairman of Schindler Group. 

“Given its scale and scope, it is a commitment of the company to its future, not only in China, but globally. It is the continuation of the commitment to the visionary decision made in 1980 when Schindler signed its first industrial Sino-western joint venture”, Mr. Daryoush Ziai, CEO of Schindler Group Zone China said. He emphasized the profound meaning of Jiading Schindler City to both Schindler and China in his speech.

Green inheritance: the promise to implement sustainable development

Schindler has paramount interests in renewable energy saving. From design to production, Schindler considers on how to reduce energy consumption and use lighter and decomposable raw materials to minimize its adverse environmental impact. In addition, the regenerative drive and energy feedback system can return energy back to the building’s power grid. To state another example, Schindler’s PORT technology can optimize the trip of each passenger and reduce energy consumption, which ultimately enhances the environmental performance and progressively contribute to an increased number of green buildings.

Schindler imparts its wisdom and positive values to green buildings around the world. Schindler City has also utilized a number of eco-friendly technologies. Jiading campus has obtained a LEED Gold Certification, which is an important step forward to sustainability and shows Schindler’s commitment in bringing about change by delivering on its promise.

Schindler City consists of three factories: escalator, elevator and step. There is also a Research & Development (R&D) center with a 200-meter test tower, head office, showroom, canteen, and break-out areas for employees. “It is a world class facility, providing those of us who work here, a great place to work so we can achieve our goals and ambitions.” said Mr. Daryoush Ziai.

Continued China-Switzerland Relations: undertake the mission of establishing relation between the two countries

As a leading Swiss enterprise that invests in China, Schindler has been playing an important role in the economic relations between China and Switzerland. In the speech delivered by Alain Gaschen, the Minister and Deputy Head of Mission and Head of the Political Section at the Embassy of Switzerland in China, during the opening ceremony, he re-emphasized the attention both countries paid to their relations and the important role Schindler plays in their economic development. He also expects that both countries will continue to search for innovation and strive for excellence.

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