Radiance Group and Schindler China Strategic Agreement Signing Ceremony held in Beijing


On December 6, 2016, the strategic agreement signing ceremony of Radiance Group Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Radiance Group) and Schindler China was held in Beijing. As the two enterprises formulate a partnership, Schindler China will also become the exclusive supplier of elevators for Radiance Group, providing relevant machines and services for its real-estate projects.

In 2016, Radiance Group has released its first high-end series, the Radiance·Hai Shang Ming Zhu, which marks its entering the high-end residence market in China. In the future, the group will pay more attention to improve its products and establish boutique product lines. Meanwhile, it will dedicate to developing the “U” series, including “U Garden, U Avenue, U Waterfront, U School”, etc. and the premium model “Ming Zhu” series locating in the heart of first-tier cities, which meet the demands of young and middle-aged consumers as the main force in the city.

The enterprise will continue improving its competence in developing quality and high-end residence and make itself a leader in this domain.

“Sharing the same concept, Radiance Group and Schindler persist in pursuing professionalization in their own domain, treating each product with the rigorous attitude of craftsman and integrating advanced design concepts into every product detail. Besides, both of them value customer experience, are always ready to undertake corporal social responsibility and pay close attention to sustainable development.

Therefore, Radiance Group has been choosing outstanding representatives of different industries for strategic cooperation. With a comprehensive ecosphere consisting of strategic partners, proprietors and the group itself established, Radiance Group will be able to provide customers with a real home by taking their demands into full consideration and making positive and innovative responses to them.”  Mr. Lin Yu, the Vice President of Radiance Group said in his address.

It is the pursuit of high quality that make Schindler a partner of Radiance Group. The strong alliance and win-win cooperation of the two enterprises will definitely further expand the competence of Schindler in residence market.

Radiance Group and Schindler China Strategic Agreement Signing Ceremony

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