Schindler to supply nationwide railway project in China


Schindler is to supply 353 escalators for a railway expansion project across much of China. The installations are for 17 stations stretching from Changchun in the far north to Guangzhou on China's south coast.

The contract was awarded by the Ministry of Railways and involves eight regional railway companies. Among the stations to be equipped by Schindler are some of China's most important railway junctions, such as Shenyang and Tianjin. All the escalators come from Schindler's production facility in Shanghai, and include indoor and outdoor installations.

Extensive network
Schindler is one of the few companies that can handle a contract of this scale and complexity, thanks to the company's production capacity and its extensive network of branches throughout China. The stations are situated in major cities across the entire length of the country, with more than 3,000 kilometres separating those on either end of the network. The project is also working to a very tight schedule: installation of the first escalators is to start in September 2010 and it is planned that all 353 are in place by May 2011.

Schindler escalators are present in many of world's major airports and public transport networks; recent contracts include: Los Angeles International airport, London-Heathrow Terminal 5, Germany's new Berlin-Brandenburg International airport, as well as new subway systems for Mumbai, India, and the Istanbul, Turkey.

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